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Here's an experiment I did a week ago, showing you that box color doesn't always do what it says it will do. Since box color is a universal product it says it will work for everyone, but what it doesn't state is that everyone has different outcomes because everyone's hair is different. I do understand that some clients have gotten the exact same outcome of the lady on the box, but how did your hair feel afterwords?  I bet 8 times out of 10 your hair felt like straw or hay, especially after using the blonde.


Just do yourself a favor and stay away from the box color. Come to me and let me do what I am here to do for you. 

Why Does My Hair Get Greasy?

Your hair gets greasy for the same reason your face gets oily: glands in the skin produce an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is what moistens hair and keeps it from drying out.

The glands that produce sebum (called sebaceous glands) are located next to hair roots in the layer of skin called the dermis. Channels from the sebaceous glands lead to the hair follicle — that's how sebum gets out of the skin and onto your scalp. Take a look:

So how can you help your hair from getting greasy? 

  • try products containing "Tea Tree Oils" which has a drying effect.
  • Avoid touching or brushing your hair as much as possible.
  • Find a quick fix (Such as Dry Shampoo).
  • Blow-dry your hair off your forehead.
  • Do not straighten your hair regularly. The heat from the straightener makes your hair produce grease.
  • Wash your hair frequently, but not everyday.
  • Be careful with conditioners, Only apply your conditioner mid-shaft to ends.
  • Shampoo twice (First shampoo gets the surface dirt off your hair. Second shampoo deep cleans).
  • Rinse your hair with warm water, and close the cuticle with cold water to add shine.