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Grow Your Hair

The secret to strong, shiny strands is all about your diet. Eating a variety of healthy foods will give you the mane you've always dreamed of. Here are some nutrients that will help.

  1. Iron and zinc: Help hair follicles to grow, Eat lean red meat, which is rich in both nutrients, twice a week. Pair nonmeat sources, such as soybeans or lentils, with a vitamin C-rich food like an orange to boost iron absorption.
  2. Vitamin D: Several studies have found that vitamin D may help activate hair growth. However, D is a tricky vitamin. Few foods contain it naturally, and although sitting in the sun for a few minutes a day can help your body produce more of it, many experts advise against it due to the increased exposure to harmful UV rays. Your best bet? Take a 1,000 IU supplement daily.
  3. Protein: Women should get at least 46 grams a day (3 ounces of chicken has about 23).
  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Eat fatty fish (like salmon) twice a week for hydrated hair, or take up to 1 gram a day of a DHA and EPA supplement. 
  5. Biotin: Eggs are rich in this B vitamin essential for growth. (They're also an excellent source of protein, choline, and vitamin D.) You can also take biotin suppliments. 

Cap Highlights Vs. Foil Highlights

Highlights are strands of lighter colours in your hair and/or lowlights are strands of darker colours in your hair. These can be done in several different ways but the two main methods are done using foils to separate the hair being coloured from the rest of the hair or using a plastic cap or bag to separate the hair. Both methods have their pro's and con's but what is the difference?


Cap Highlights. 

 A cap highlight allows the colorist to watch the color as it lifts in your hair. Caps also allow you to apply color through the entire length of your hair, using the same strength developer, at one application.


  • Can be cheaper
  • Quick


  • Only suitable for short hair as the process can put unnecessary stress on mid to longer hair.
  • Can be painful as a hook is used to pull strands of hair through the cap.
  • Only one color can be used. 
  • Not suitable for curly hair as it tangles while pulling through cap. 
  • Can't get all the way to scalp when hair is very thick.
  • Hard to get Highlights near the nape of your head as well as close to your scalp. 
  • Hard to control Highlight placement to get them where you want.
  • Looks like zebra stripes if not done right. 

Foil Highlights.

 A foil highlight allows you to target just the roots or ends of your hair. It also allows creative coloring without the colors overlapping each other.


  • Doesnt Hurt.
  • Can use more than one color. 
  • Can get closer to your scalp and hairline.
  • You get color exactly where you want it. 
  • Can create different sizes of light mor easily (either chunky or more natural weaves) 
  • Does not stress hair with pulling through tiny holes like the cap. 
  • Technique can be used with all kinds of hair. 


  • Takes longer.
  • Can be more expensive.
  • If your stylist doesn't know what they are doing, it can be a shock if not done right. 


What's the difference between Permanent, Semi/Demi, Temporary, and Alternative Colors?

There are many types of color applications you can choose from when you go to a salon, Here they are:

Permanent hair color generally contains ammonia and must be mixed with a developer or oxidizing agent in order to permanently change hair color. Ammonia, in permanent hair color is used to open the cuticle layer so that the developer and color molecules together penetrate into the cortex. The developer or oxidizing agent, comes in various volumes. The higher the developer volume, the higher the lift will be of a person's natural hair pigment. Someone with dark hair wishing to achieve two or three shades lighter may need a higher developer, whereas someone with lighter hair wishing to achieve darker hair will not need a high developer. Timing may vary with permanent hair coloring but is typically 30 minutes or 45 minutes for those wishing to achieve maximum gray coverage.

  1. Permanent colors changes hair structure to make colors change
  2. Will cover grey completely
  3. Provides Full hair color coverage
  4. Lasts up to 8 week


Demi-permanents have several advantages as compared with permanent color. Because there is essentially no lifting (i.e., removal) of natural hair color, the final color is less uniform/homogeneous than a permanent and therefore more natural looking; they are gentler on hair and therefore safer, especially for damaged hair; and they wash out over time (typically 20 to 28 shampoos), so root regrowth is less noticeable and if a change of color is desired, it is easier to achieve. Demi-permanent hair colors are not permanent but the darker shades in particular may persist longer.


The final color of each strand of hair will depend on its original color and porosity, so there will be subtle variations in shade across the whole head. This gives a more natural result than the solid, all over color of a permanent color. However, it also means that gray or white hairs will not appear as the same shade as the rest of the hair. If there are only a few grey/white hairs, the effect will usually be enough for them to blend in, but as the gray spreads, there will come a point where it will not be disguised as well. In this case, the move to permanent color can sometimes be delayed by using the semi-permanent as a base and adding highlights. Semi-permanent color cannot lighten the hair.

  1. Can be used as a hair gloss to create shine
  2. Clear can be used to add shine
  3. Lasts up to 8 shampoos



The pigment molecules in temporary hair color are large and cannot penetrate the cuticle layer. The color particles remain adsorbed (closely adherent) to the hair shaft and are easily removed with a single shampooing. Temporary hair color can persist on hair that is excessively dry or damaged in a way that allows for migration of the pigment to the interior of the hair shaft.



The chemical formulae of alternative color dyes typically contain only tint and have no developer. This means that they will only create the bright color of the packet if they are applied to light blond hair. People with darker hair (medium brown to black) need to use a bleaching kit before tint application. Some people with fair hair may benefit from prior bleaching as well. Gold, yellow and orange undertones in hair that has not been lightened enough can adversely affect results, especially with pinks, blues and greens. Although some alternative colors are semi-permanent, such as blue and purple, it could take several months to fully wash the color from bleached or pre-lightened hair.

Alternative Color

Alternative Color

 When you come into the salon, be sure to ask your stylist about the different types of colors you may choose to do!


Some of this text was not written by myself! Here are the links to my sources:




Here's an experiment I did a week ago, showing you that box color doesn't always do what it says it will do. Since box color is a universal product it says it will work for everyone, but what it doesn't state is that everyone has different outcomes because everyone's hair is different. I do understand that some clients have gotten the exact same outcome of the lady on the box, but how did your hair feel afterwords?  I bet 8 times out of 10 your hair felt like straw or hay, especially after using the blonde.


Just do yourself a favor and stay away from the box color. Come to me and let me do what I am here to do for you. 

How much should I tip my Stylist?

So, What is your hairstylist worth?

So, What is your hairstylist worth?

I get this question as a hairstylist everyday and honestly, I believe you should tip your hairstylist what you believe that they are worth (No sugar coating the truth).

I don't worry about what my clients tip me. I care about these 3 things: 

  1. Is MY client happy with the service they requested?
  2. Does MY client feel like a million bucks walking out of the salon?
  3. Did MY client Pre-Book to come see me again in 6-8 weeks?

 I started doing hair because I love making people feel great about themselves, not because of the money. To me, It's a great feeling knowing that I made someone feel wonderful about themselves with a haircut/color. Focusing on customer service is also another big thing.
When my client is in my chair, I love to make them feel welcome, rather that be talking about the stresses going on in life, giving advice, etc... Just simply being that person who "Listens" to their client is, in my eyes, the best customer service a person could ever encounter. 

So while deciding to leave a tip next time your in the salon, Think of these 3 questions:

  1. Did my stylist do what I requested?
  2. Did my stylist listen to me?
  3. How did my stylist treat me during the service? 

When you have all your answers, THEN you choose what you believe is a good tip.