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Cap Highlights Vs. Foil Highlights

Highlights are strands of lighter colours in your hair and/or lowlights are strands of darker colours in your hair. These can be done in several different ways but the two main methods are done using foils to separate the hair being coloured from the rest of the hair or using a plastic cap or bag to separate the hair. Both methods have their pro's and con's but what is the difference?


Cap Highlights. 

 A cap highlight allows the colorist to watch the color as it lifts in your hair. Caps also allow you to apply color through the entire length of your hair, using the same strength developer, at one application.


  • Can be cheaper
  • Quick


  • Only suitable for short hair as the process can put unnecessary stress on mid to longer hair.
  • Can be painful as a hook is used to pull strands of hair through the cap.
  • Only one color can be used. 
  • Not suitable for curly hair as it tangles while pulling through cap. 
  • Can't get all the way to scalp when hair is very thick.
  • Hard to get Highlights near the nape of your head as well as close to your scalp. 
  • Hard to control Highlight placement to get them where you want.
  • Looks like zebra stripes if not done right. 

Foil Highlights.

 A foil highlight allows you to target just the roots or ends of your hair. It also allows creative coloring without the colors overlapping each other.


  • Doesnt Hurt.
  • Can use more than one color. 
  • Can get closer to your scalp and hairline.
  • You get color exactly where you want it. 
  • Can create different sizes of light mor easily (either chunky or more natural weaves) 
  • Does not stress hair with pulling through tiny holes like the cap. 
  • Technique can be used with all kinds of hair. 


  • Takes longer.
  • Can be more expensive.
  • If your stylist doesn't know what they are doing, it can be a shock if not done right.