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What Is a Brazilian Blowout?


What is a Brazilian Blowout? 

     My clients ask me this all the time! A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that can be customized to keep your curl and lose frizz, or to get a sleek and straight result.

     The best candidates for the Brazilian Blowout is someone with frizzy, damaged, or any kind of processed hair. You can get the treatment done no matter what kind of hair texture you have (fine, course, frizzy, or curly), as well as hair that has been permed, Japanese straightened, or even if you have extensions. 

     The Brazilian Blowout will be left TOTALLY frizz-free, shiny, and manageable with tons of body and bounce. You can still have the option to wear your hair curly/wavy depending on your hair type. Even if you have highlights and/or color the Brazilian Blowout will help enhance your color by sealing the cuticle and conditioning your hair.

So the question is... Will it make my hair straight?
     Well if your hair is wavy, it will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If it is very curly, it will minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of the natural wave/curl. If your hair is straight, it will get rid of all frizz and create radiant shine.

How long will it last?
    It will last for 10-12 Weeks if you use the Acai After-Care Maintenance product line. If you choose to use products that are not recommended after getting a Brazilian Blowout, you will not see it last as long. Pantene, Suave, Aussie, Etc. are products that will strip your Brazilian blowout fast. Please make sure you ask about the Acai After-Care while doing your treatment.

You can receive a Brazilian Blowout after a Color Service, however, you cannot receive a Color Service if you do the Brazilian Blowout first, You will have to wait 2 weeks after your treatment to be able to color your hair.

So what's the cost?
The cost of this amazing treatment is $275.00  Request a consultation for more information for your very own treatment!